Mayor Yap presents to Manila media Bohol Friendship Park

City Mayor John Geesnell “BABA” Yap proudly presented to various Manila press the proposed Bohol Friendship Park with an elaborate 3D video presentation. The park, which would house an amphitheatre, a Spanish Galleon replica complete with a restaurant, an art gallery, a mangrove walkway, houses on stilts and the preserved old artesian well, is envisioned as a major tourist spot which would cement Tagbilaran City’s stake to being a tourist destination, and not just a gateway.

When asked by a reporter from the Business World about the fund allocation of the Bohol Friendship Park (BFP), Mayor Yap said that the City Government is collaborating with Tourism Infrastructure and Export Zone Authority (TIEZA) thru its Chief Operating Officer Hon. Mark T. Lapid. Mayor Yap stressed further that the construction of the Bohol Friendship Park could commence construction as early as September of this year.
A correspondent from GMA News 7 asked Mayor Yap what is the relevance of the construction of the Bohol Friendship Park considering that Loay is the historic site of the Blood Compact, Mayor Yap said that it would complement Bohol’s stake in Tagbilaran’s identity as the City of Peace and Friendship. “Being the first international treaty which happened here in the province of Bohol, every municipality in Bohol could erect a shrine to commemorate the Blood Compact. I believe that’s already a very good reason to celebrate the essence of the historic event which is camaraderie and friendship. Moreover, it is named Bohol Friendship Park, a fitting tribute to the ideals which the treaty represents.”

The stringer from the ANC Channel asked the City Mayor concerning his comment regarding the construction of the new Panglao Airport, Mayor Yap stressed that it will definitely increase the tourism potentials of the City. The new airport would translate to more direct flights to Bohol, and considering Panglao’s proximity to Tagbilaran, it is foreseen to significantly increase the City’s economic activity.

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