Mayor Yap lauds honest tricycle driver

A noble Tagbilaranon is really worthy of our commendation, praise and honor, when he returned P88, 000 that was accidentally left in his tricycle with body number 2208. Without hesitancy, he returned the big sum of money at the drop of a hat. In the heat of the moment, Mr. Reynaldo Ingking is the valiant man from Brgy. Dampas in this City. Even if drastic times call for drastic measures, Mr. Ingking did not hesitate to return what is not his own.


According to the driver, he wants to be an example to his child. He also disclosed that it is not his first time returning belongings left in his tricycle. He has done this gallant deed many times. “Kadaghan nako nabinlan man. Nabinlan nakog tennis racket, mga bag, pero ako gihapon gi-uli. Gusto man gud ko mahimong ehemplo sa akong anak. Gusto nako siya mahimong mahadlokon sa Ginoo. Kahibaw man ta nga ang Ginoo kanunay’ng naga-tan-aw kanato,” Mr.Ingking expressed. The lady who accidentally left the money stated her sentiments of admiring and acknowledging the dignity and the pure heart of the said tricycle driver.


The City Mayor is very proud to congratulate this commendable act of truthfulness by Mr. Ingking and for his profound display of honesty by personally handing him a certificate of appreciation and some cash. “I am deeply touched by this honourable man’s dignity and faith in God. Mr.Ingking’s truthfulness is worthy of emulation and be a shining example for our children and our children’s children, that indeed, honesty is still the best policy!” Mayor Yap delightedly said.


This courageous act of honesty is a manifestation of the leadership of City Mayor John Geesnell “BABA” Yap who is always an advocate and in support of honesty, transparency, and good governance. This is in accordance with what leadership expert John C. Maxwell stated, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”


Mayor Yap’s advocacies have extended throughout the City and beyond. It is best displayed in the inhabitants and the multiple awards that the City Government has received. Based on the comments of the people, the City has tremendously progressed since Mayor Baba Yap took the helm of City Hall. In return, Big-ticket projects are in the making for the growth and development of Tagbilaran.



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