Mayor Yap graces DepEd’s opening salvo

“Teaching minds, touching hearts and transforming lives”, this was the theme which the DepEd family took when they opened the classes last week. DepEd Regional Director III Dr. Juliet Jeruta challenged the teachers to go beyond their role of educating the students, she emphasized that the teachers should be the main encourager, should be the first to develop the student’s potentials and should be the person whom the student can trust. Dr. Jeruta said that students should not drop out of school singling out teachers as their main reason. Further, she challenged the teachers to stand up to the challenging role they were entrusted with.

City Mayor John Gessnell “BABA” Yap also affirmed Jeruta’s message when he reiterated the value that the depth of the teaching experience lies in nurturing the hearts and inspiring the lives of your students. He cited the example of the many stories of successful people who have credited their success to teachers who have made a lasting impression in their young lives. Moreover, he emphasized that teachers transform lives by instilling hope and inspiration for many students, they give them a fresh perspective on life, thus allowing them to see the promise of a better future.

Mayor Yap said that the City Government is wholly committed to the plight of education, for the past 2 years the City Government has consistently allocated a huge budget to support all of the services and programs to advance its cause.
Dr. Evangel Luminarias also made her State of Division Address which highlighted the Tagbilaran City Division’s accomplishment, plans and targets. Dr. Luminarias also proudly announced that in the National Achievement Test administered by the Department of Education (DepEd) in Grade 3, Tagbilaran City Division ranked 2nd out of the 19 divisions in Region 7, while it ranked 5th in the NAT given to Grade 6, and ranked 2nd in the High School Division. Luminarias emphasized that the Tagbilaran City Division performed even better than the highly urbanized cities such as Mandaue, Cebu and Lapu-Lapu.

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